Why Udder Balm is the Best!

Udder Balm for Year-Round Relief

Perhaps the first thing to know about Udder Balm is that these are no ordinary balm product. As a matter of fact, these trusted balms are a unique and proprietary combination of winning ingredients resulting in an extraordinary formula that produces amazing results. Regardless of whether the problem is itchy, rough, chapped or dry skin, one thing is sure and that is that Udder Balm, the original happy cow formula can make all the difference.

Skin is Nourished and Protected

Happy Cow moisturizing balm provides outstanding healthy support for skin in ways that would otherwise not be possible. With aloe vera, lanolin and a variety of vitamins, skin is nourished and protected while it is also repaired. Udder balm has a dense consistency which helps to hydrate the skin while repairing dry patches. This unique formula is particularly helpful for areas around the feet, hands and joints.

High-Quality Balms Absorbed Quickly

Perhaps most impressive of all is that the formula is non-greasy, and it is designed to penetrate skin quickly. When a high-quality moisturizing balm is absorbed quickly into the skin it penetrates areas where repair is needed the most. With so much to offer it is clear to see why this is a balm that is like no other. For repairing dry skin, this is one of the most effective products available today. These innovative balms are available in a pump lid jar, airless pump, TSA approved packaging and even a twist lid jar. To learn more about Udder Balm simply visit the website today.