Udder Balm- 12oz Pump

Discover the 12oz Pump of Udder Balm 

Perhaps one of the most effective skin moisturizers available today with a true winning combination of unique formula ingredients is Udder Balm. Incredibly moisturizing and offering genuine daily relief for everything from cracked skin to rough, itchy and dry skin as well as even chapped and irritated skin, this is one year-around moisturizing balm that should not be overlooked. Best of all, the 12oz pump jar of Udder Balm is convenient, easy to use and delivers the same great high-quality moisturizing balm that you have come to expect. Whether it is a gift or for yourself, this original Happy Cow formula will keep your skin looking great.

Lasting Relief

Those with a wide range sensitive skin conditions have experienced real and measurable results from this highly effective balm. The 12oz pump of Udder Balm packaging makes it all the more convenient. Those with even the most serious skin conditions that result in raw and uncomfortable skin can benefit from Happy Cow Udder Balm. While other creams, salves and lotions on the market may say that they produce the results that you expect, Udder Balm delivers lasting relief for even the most serious itchy or irritated skin.

Improved Skin Condition

Try a 12oz pump of Udder Balm today and experience real relief from an original formula with a proven track record. Multiple testimonials over the years have shown that this product is powerful in its ability to improve skin condition in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Udder Balm comes in a variety of additional packaging options. To learn more simply visit the website and explore. Contact The Happy Cow today for more information.