Happy Cow Announcing Limited Jar Recall

A&E Balm Company, maker of Happy Cow Udder Balm, has announced a limited recall of twist lid (item 3033) and pump lid (item 3040) jars. Micro results for product testing from our contracted manufacturer, Weeks and Leo, showed a pathogen/bacterium in some jars of Happy Cow Udder Balm. As a result, all affected products have been recalled. Jars marked on the bottom with batch R200678 and R210017, should be returned to A&E Balm or destroyed. A full refund or replacement of the product will be issued. Please contact A&E Balm at www.udderbalmonline.com or 515/225-4415.

“Customer safety and product quality are our highest values. We are working feverishly to notify any customer who may have received these jars and rectify the situation. This has never happened in the history of our making Happy Cow Udder Balm.’ Said Mary O’Keefe, owner, Happy Cow Udder Balm. “Moving forward, we are working to ensure no product is shipped before all safety measures are undertaken to the fullest extent.”